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McLaren Vale

Seaview Road

De Lisio Wines sources fruit from three different producers whose vineyards are planted on the shallow, ‘hungry’ and infertile red and chocolate coloured loamy, calcareous clay over limestone and rock, at Seaview Road, 3 km north of the McLaren Vale township.

This area of McLaren Vale is so highly prized that there are moves afoot to have Seaview Road classified and recognised as an official sub-region and so stated on the bottles.


I have long sung the praises of this part of McLaren Vale as it is especially suited to Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache which produce intense, powerful fruit driven wines and provide the backbone (approximately 85%) of all the De Lisio fruit.



Although only about 10% of the total fruit intake is sourced out of the Clarendon region, it is however, a very important parcel. This particular vineyard is at about 250 metres above sea level and is markedly cooler with harvest being approximately three weeks after the Seaview Road vineyards have been picked.


We source Shiraz from this vineyard and the extended maturation time develops the grapes, producing wine with a briary, mineral and blueberry flavour profile. This cooler climate fruit has a great tannin structure which is so important for the age-ability of a wine.

Blewitt Springs and Kangarilla

The other 5% of De Lisio fruit is sourced from vineyards planted in the deep white sands of Kangarilla and Blewitt Springs. Located roughly in-between Clarendon and McLaren Vale and having similar climatic growing conditions to Clarendon these vineyards are planted to non-irrigated Grenache bush vines, up to 70 years old.


Very low average yields of 2 tonnes an acre allows the fruit to develop fantastic concentration of flavour, floral nuances and huge tannins especially in a dry year and is the reason why this fruit is regarded as some of the best Grenache in the region.

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