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2021 Argento Shiraz

2021 Argento Shiraz


McLaren Vale Shiraz has always been the flagship of De Lisio Wines and the 2020 Argento Shiraz shows just what can be achieved with an innate knowledge of the region and the variety gained over more than 30 years. 


With all the right style notes of berries, pepper and spice, this Shiraz can fit in with any dinner crowd. However, this is more than just another McLaren Vale Shiraz. The blackberry and blueberry flavours are ripe and carefully concentrated for maximum flavour without being overpowering. The famous black pepper flavours of McLaren Vale are balanced with hints of vanilla and baking spice imparted from the subtle oak treatments. 


The result is a rich, bold, ruby-red wine that takes you on a gentle discovery of one of the biggest and most complex grape varieties. 

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