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We believe that wine is all about enjoyment, and as a boutique family winery, we are able to stay true to traditional methods, offer minimal interference with the processes, and produce unique, premium wines for cellaring, celebrations and weeknight dinners.

De Lisio Wines is a proudly family owned and operated McLaren Vale winery, founded in 2002, and continuing to produce award-winning, highly sought after wines.

Winemaker Tony De Lisio has viticulture’s tendrils snaking their way through his family in South Australia where he first grew vines in Clarendon with his father, as well as back in his native Italy where De Lisios continue to tend vines and orchards around Castellino.

Winemaking is a living and growing craft, and the entire De Lisio family is excited to contribute their unique skills and ideas, to your experience.

"My intention when making wine, apart from trying to achieve excellent results, is to engage in debate, opinion and reaction, as there seems to be nothing that stirs the conversation more than wine. So I hope this occurs every time someone sits down somewhere with colleagues or friends to drink and enjoy a De Lisio wine." - Tony De Lisio


"It is simple to me — I love to blend. Blending allows me to create a style reflecting what De Lisio Wines is all about, delivering a wine with texture and structure, richness, weight and length and most of all, the genuine complexity that can be best achieved by blending the best, seeking the varied and wonderful diversity the different terroir can offer.

Simply put, we like to supply enjoyment.

I always say you can buy the colour green but it is far more artistic to blend yellow and blue to create your own shade of green; why paint with one colour when the rainbow is available?" - 


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